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One man band?

Jeff Fraser belongs to a few different groups including his own "one man band." If you're looking for entertainment for your party, wedding or special event, but are not on a wedding band budget, or your space won't allow for a 6 member group, then you probably are looking for Jeff Fraser's solo show.

Jeff Fraser has played thousands of shows in and around Boston, MA including hundreds of weddings, private parties, and clubs. The music can range from mellow backround music to upbeat dance music to straight out rock.

Jeff Fraser is a one man band, but is also the guitarist/lead vocalist of the popular Boston wedding band Men In Black and the well known acoustic duo Me and Julio. Jeff also performs in and around Massachusetts with the band Spike the Punch.

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Jeff Fraser, a native of Essex, MA, has been involved in music since the age of 5. Even at that young age he had a knack for figuring out songs by ear. After realizing this, the family bought an upright piano for the house and soon after, Jeff began piano lessons.

At the age of 12 Jeff had to have a guitar after hearing "Eruption" by Eddie Van Halen and began practicing away every day for hours.

After playing in several garage bands and realizing that is was impossible to find a good vocalist, Jeff thought he'd give a try. At the age of 16 he began taking vocal lessons and listening to vocal instruction tapes.

Jeff was accepted to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 1992 and studied there for a few semesters. He left Berkee to tour with his original rock band "Slyboyz"

Jeff has played thousands of shows including hundreds of clubs gigs, weddings and private parties. Currently he is playing in bands such as Men in Black, Spike the Punch, and Me and Julio as well as playing out as a soloist.